Economic Development

Economic development indicators assess the extent to which companies are taking steps to ensure that their activities catalyse broad-based economic development in producing countries, beyond the immediate vicinity of their mining operations. By addressing issues such as skills development and procurement at the national level, companies are more likely to be able to leave a positive legacy in the countries where they operate.

Average of the best scores achieved collectively by all companies for each one of the indicators under the thematic area

Average of the scores achieved by each one of the companies under this thematic area

Commitment (1 indicator)
Action (5 indicators)
Effectiveness (1 indicator)

Summary of results

The assessment results reveal that while many companies are addressing some aspects of these wider economic development issues, comprehensive action is still largely missing. This is reflected in the overall average of only 23%. However, collectively, the companies show that significant improvement is well within their reach. The Collective Best Score for this thematic area (i.e., the sum of the best scores seen across all indicators and across all companies) show that the companies could already achieve a score of 81% by adopting the good practices demonstrated by their peers.

Leading practices in Economic Development include, for example, supporting national skills development by collaborating on an initiative to identify and develop critical professions for the future.